come as you are neon sign

"Take your time, hurry up" (Come as you are) Neon Sign

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Life’s too short to worry about being anybody else. Live free and make your visitors comfortable with a ‘Come as you are’ neon sign, lit up in a medley of inviting colors. Hang it up in your office or bedroom — this colorful neon sign makes any space friendlier.

Sign Dimensions

51cm wide x 59cm high | 20.1" wide x 23.2" high

The ‘Come As You Are’ Neon Sign — For Inspiration At a Glance

Whether you’re inviting over a group of friends or working away on that midnight grind, good times and great ideas roll in smoother with the right neon sign. This LED sign comes packed with everything you need, including region-appropriate plugs and a free wall screw kit. Just plug it in and relax.

Keep It Wholesome With a Colorful Neon Sign

If the ‘Come as you are’ sign didn’t make it clear, Radikal Neon is all about authenticity. From a comprehensive 12 month warranty to free worldwide shipping, your good times are our only priority. 

Dive Deeper Into Our ‘Come As You Are’ Neon Signs

We don’t just make neon signs, we write about them too! Learn everything there is to know about LED neon signs at our blog, or get all your questions about ordering answered with our detailed FAQ. If you’d like to learn more, or just talk about a cool neon sign you saw the other day, reach out!

Chill neon sign being packaged up
Safely Packed & Fully insured.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered until you receive your sign, and put it on your wall!

Cool white text neon light
Simple to hang.

We provide a free wall screw kit with each sign, it’s like hanging a painting!

Neon sign hanging in room
Plug-in and play!

Simply plug your sign in to light up! We’ll provide the correct plug for your location too!