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Whether you’re a fan of the classic roar of a GTR or the new-age design of the Coupe, this NISMO neon sign represents the best qualities of a timeless brand. It comes decked out in bright red and frozen white — perfect for bringing an effortlessly cool vibe to your office or home.

Sign Dimensions

82cm wide x 16cm high | 32.28" wide x 6.3" high

Feel The Rush With This NISMO Logo

Show off your love for a classic manufacturer with this motorsport sign. Inside the box, you’ll get a free wall mounting screw kit and region-appropriate plugs based on the destination country.

LED NISMO Neon Signs, Delivered For Free

Your favorite Nissan’s fast, but we might just be faster. As one of the most efficient LED neon companies in the world, we put in the work to get your order to you quickly and for free. Wherever your business or home is located, we’ll be there right on time. 

Get All Your NISMO Logo Questions Answered

NISMO never slows down, and you don’t have to either. Stay up to speed on everything neon with our detailed FAQ. Find out everything you need to know about neon signs, from installing them to neat tips and tricks. When you’re ready, you can even customize your own with Radikal Neon®.

Chill neon sign being packaged up
Safely Packed & Fully insured.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered until you receive your sign, and put it on your wall!

Cool white text neon light
Simple to hang.

We provide a free wall screw kit with each sign, it’s like hanging a painting!

Neon sign hanging in room
Plug-in and play!

Simply plug your sign in to light up! We’ll provide the correct plug for your location too!

Customer Reviews

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Nismo sign

I haven't plugged it in yet as it's a christmas gift for my husband. I'm sure the sign itself is fine, but in saying that, it's not a neon sign. It's an LED sign. My only real disappointment, albeit small, is that this is a gift, I have no way of wrapping the sign safely except for using the box it's in. The box it was in is how it was sent on the courier, it wasnt wrapped as how the pictures on the website show. The pink Radikal Neon box has a paper courier sticker and paper light design sticker on it. I tried removing them, but they arent easily removable, they just ripped so now the box looks shit. Like I said, a small annoyance, but easily avoidable.